Patrick deHahn is a news reporter and social media manager based in the United States, now working for a live daytime TEGNA production — Daily Blast Live.

deHahn works on breaking news, social media, community management as Daily Blast Live enters its second season with five hours of live national television each day.

Named a “rising star in journalism” by The Huffington Post, deHahn has published with the Atlantic online, the Daily Dot, USA TODAY, Mic, and elsewhere. He has been featured by NBC News, the International Business Times, and other news outlets.

Among his journalistic passions are domestic and global breaking news coverage, news curation, and working with digital formats.

Born and raised in Massachusetts, deHahn loves trying out different cities — living stints range from Boston to Jersey City, Montreal, Washington D.C., and now Denver. He can be found walking everywhere with a coffee and book (or the occasional magazine) if he isn’t already looking at Twitter on his phone or computer.

deHahn cares about accessibility online and in the news media, and is curious about humanitarian issues and civil and human rights.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Pace University New York. He’s also worked with startups, nonprofits, and humanitarian organizations as a consultant.