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Original published work

Xbox One sales top 2 million – CNNMoney.com
Egypt continuing to unravel – Journalists Unplugged
Bitcoin to hold own Black Friday – CNNMoney.com
Stocks pull back after Fed minutes – CNNMoney.com
What’s next for empty Blockbuster stores – CNNMoney.com
Blockbuster to shutter all U.S. stores – CNNMoney.com
LinkedIn, Yelp sink on growth fears – CNNMoney.com
Snapchat has a bright (and long) future – CNNMoney.com
Bad credit can almost double your car insurance premiums – CNNMoney.com
Cyber Monday to be busiest day ever for FedEx – CNNMoney.com
Walgreens to launch prepaid card – CNNMoney.com

International community responds to attacks in Syria – Pace University’s Pace Press
NSA revelations show expanding government surveillance – Pace University’s Press
Flatbush protests continue – Pace University’s Press
“Switched at Birth” breaks record with ASL episode – Pace University’s Press
Voters speculate who will run for 2016 Presidential bid – Pace University’s Press
Obama administration’s drone program under fire – Pace University’s Press

Occupy Wall St, NYPD made morning commute difficult for some – The Gothamist

Yemen battles hunger while struggling with multiple crises – Voice of America
Are U.S. drone strikes in South Asia, Middle East ethical? – Voice of America’s Middle East Voices

Arrests and the closing of Zuccotti Park on Occupy Wall Street’s six-month anniversary – A Great Big City blog
E.B. White’s striking 1949 prediction resembles the events of September 11th – A Great Big City blog


Interview: My Egypt unrest reporting
Reuters’ Matthew Keys’ “Hire Friday”
Free Press’ Josh Stearns’ “Why We Write”
Interview: College transitions

Sourced & reporting work

This is the youth movement that is sweeping Venezuela – Kicker, 20 February 2014
Ukraine protests recap updates – Daily Record and Sunday Mail, 19 February 2014
Zuckerberg rarely mentions the word ‘privacy’ – CNNMoney.com, 6 January 2014

Before and after images show how an iconic Egypt mosque became a deathtrap – Business Insider, 15 August 2013
7 dead, 261 injured, 401 arrested in overnight Egypt clashes – Russia Today, 15 July 2013

“We are all Trayvon” – The Atlantic, 15 July 2013

Violent clashes erupt in Egypt’s second largest city – Yahoo News, 5 July 2013
Egypt erupts – Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish, 5 July 2013
Huge protests against Egypt coup – Business Insider, 5 July 2013
Egypt’s second revolution, tweet reax – Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish, 1 July 2013
Sunday saw “biggest protest in Egypt’s history” – Business Insider, 30 June 2013

Saudi Shiites swarm funeral of slain demonstrator, incite violence – Washington Post, 7 November 2012

Nor’easter Athena bombards areas hardest hit by Sandy – Mother Jones, 7 November 2012
Nor’easter is still on the way – The Atlantic, 6 November 2012

Hurricane Sandy: Photos and first-hand accounts from across the Northeast – The Week Magazine, 29 October 2012
Tracking Hurricane Sandy – New York Daily News, 28 October 2012

Liveblog: NYPD welcomes Occupy Wall Street anniversary with arrests in Lower Manhattan – The Gothamist, 17 September 2012
Occupy Wall Street Anniversary Live Updates from New York – Huffington Post, 17 September 2012
Occupy Wall Street’s one year anniversary – A Great Big City blog, 17 September 2012
Occupy Wall Street is back and so are the citizen journalists – Mashable, 17 September 2012

Ebola virus outbreak in Uganda – Short Form Blog, 3rd August 2012
Egypt ‘on the brink’ as court favours military – World News Australia/WorldCrunch, 15 June 2012

Watch May Day – International Business Times, 1 May 2012
Occupy May Day – as it happened – The Guardian, 1 May 2012
In New York, a final May Day march ends at Wall Street – The Atlantic Wire, 1 May 2012
Live tweeting from the NYC SOPA and PIPA protest – Mashable, 18 January 2012
Smoking objects found near the White House, building locked down – Short Form Blog, 17 January 2012


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