running with sheep in times square.

A flock of paper sheep in Times Square?

I came across a tweet sharing an exhibit in Times Square, called Counting Sheep, by Brooklyn artist Kyu Seok Oh. It was set up through the Times Square Alliance. (Other pieces of art were also on display in the Square as well.) It struck my interest and I just had to see it in person. It was only a week long exhibit during the first seven days of March and it made big news within that short week.

I thought it was really creative. It was made out of thick paper, almost like canvas paper. And it was an interesting contrast to the bright lights and fast moving multitudes of people. It could symbolize a few things. One being the whole counting sheep to sleep method; it’s quite contradictory since New York is known as the city that never sleeps. Another being that when New Yorkers go to Times Square for their very first time, they walk in packs of people, with their eyes only focused on the big billboards getting lost in the crowds. I remember when I first went to Times Square at the age of nine. I walked with my family but I got lost as I just starred upwards, with my eyes focused on the billboards, the lights and the skyscrapers all while still moving with a huge multitude of people pushing me forward. (My father grabbed my hand, don’t worry, I didn’t get entirely lost.) It was a beautiful and creative piece of art. I applaud the artist and I really enjoyed seeing it!

“I like to think that both paper and wood, though processed to be used as structural materials, are in fact very much alive as part of nature. A group of white paper sheep suddenly emerging from a corner of Times Square will create a contrast to the intimidating, chaotic atmosphere associated with that sleepless corner of the world. Soft, white, and standing together these sheep will invite the neon covered surrounding buildings and large excited crowds to relax, count the sheep and even doze off a little.”

– Kyu Seok Oh


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