I have been spending time at the Modern Museum of Art in New York City lately!

I first went with an art student friend of mine from high school; she is currently attending Parsons and she needed to go there for school, while I just wanted to go for fun and see her! We both went on a Friday morning, when it first opened and spent close to two hours strolling through Picasso, Gogh and Warhol. It was an incredibly amazing morning of art.

Some of my favorites:

We got a kick out of the last one – it’s currently my cell phone background. I love it.

I went again with my high school journalism group, who were in the city for a high school journalism conference at Columbia University. Spent another hour there! There’s still so much more to see. I want to go again during Target’s Free Fridays! Believe it or not, with MoMA’s student discount, it’s still a bit pricey to get in ($12), at the MET, it’s only $10, plus an optional donation.

MoMA is my favorite museum so far – I mean, I enjoyed the MET, but I’m more into the modern art aspect of the art world. It makes you think. It’s beautiful and simple art without explanation. It’s geared towards your thought and opinion, and it’s beautiful inspiration. I haven’t taken an art class in forever. I did take a painting class last semester, but we didn’t have the freedom to do whatever we wanted – and I really enjoyed being inspired by all the art in MoMA.


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