twenty years old.

Yes, this is late. Very late.

I spent my special day with my mother in the city! She came down to visit me! She gave me some presents in the dorms and afterwards, we headed to Soho for a very delicious brunch. We then met with my aunt and uncle and we walked around the shopping area, stopping into some stores along the way. We went to the Baked by Melissa cupcake stand (pictured above) and got a bunch of bite size cupcakes. After eating some cupcakes, we went to a small diner and had coffee and such.

My uncle offered to drive me and my mother to Grand Central… well we barely made mom’s train back to New England after a crazy drive uptown. My mother and I hugged after spending a great day together and I waved her off as her train departed. Her coming to visit was the best birthday gift imaginable!

I went back to the dorms and relaxed for a bit while I chatted with some friends. A friend of mine, Sam, took me out to dinner to Lanterns on MacDougal Street by Washington Square. Delicious! I had pesto lasagna and it was amazing. We had a great dinner and we walked through Washington Square. We actually became official New Yorkers by giving directions and activity advice to tourists! At Starbucks, we got some drinks to warm ourselves up. I got interrupted by a call from my mother and sister to sing me happy birthday! It was special, having my family sing me happy birthday while being in the city of my dreams.

Sam and I got back to my room and we celebrated by having a small dance party in my room – and with her ice cream cake that she got me! It was a great day and weekend in overall. I’ll never forget it and I still can’t believe I’m 20. Really, am I 20?


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