city snow!

This is kind of late, but I was waiting to see if there would be another snow storm before I was going to post this. But, there hasn’t been a serious one for a while now.

I love snow and I love everything about snowstorms. So, I was very excited to hear about this major snowstorm heading up the Northeast and hitting New York along the way. I couldn’t wait and I was especially happy when Pace University closed the school early on Wednesday afternoon. My macroeconomics class was canceled due to this and I met up with some friends of mine to explore Lower Manhattan in the snow! We walked to City Hall Park, Wall Street, Battery Park and down Broadway to see the aftermath of the first phase of the storm.

After spending a few hours at Borders, we went back to the dorms and watched ‘Despicable Me.’ And after the movie was over, we saw that the second part of the storm had arrived. It was the more fierce and stronger phase of the snowstorm. The snow was coming down heavily and it was beautiful up against the skyscrapers. The sidewalks got nasty, but it was quite a sight to see.

Sam and I went down to the Pace courtyard at midnight when the snow was at its strongest. It was dumping 1-3 inches per hour and it was amazing. We ran around in the snow, made and threw snowballs, we also made a half snowman because the head broke off and my gloves were soaked. We took some pretty amazing pictures so it was worth the time going out at midnight. I also stayed up until two in the morning watching the chaos ensue on the Brooklyn Bridge as many people were backed up in traffic due to people stuck in the snow. It was crazy but hilariously entertaining to watch!

Later in the week, we also went sledding in Central Park! Sam and I (ahem, excuse us) stole trays from the cafeteria and used them as sleds on this crazy fast hill on the Central Park corner closest to The Plaza. It was crowded but we got some sledding down. Some people there let us use our sleds and we left the cafeteria trays there as donations to those who don’t have sleds but want to!

We also found this incredibly delicious waffle stand, Waffels and Dinges – so good. I got a waffle with strawberries and syrup – to die for.

I absolutely loved all of it and the snow in the city is definitely a different experience than at home. It is incredibly beautiful.



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