an adventure at the met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art made an appearance on the freshman dorm calendar of activities, and I thought I’d take advantage of a Saturday afternoon and go to the famous city museum!

I ended up being the only one to go with my RA, but it was still worthwhile my time. It was only $12 dollars for a student rate and we spent three hours walking through most of the museum. I thought it was a great deal and I was kind of lacking some artistic inspiration after a full semester without any serious theater or dance experiences.

We walked through the majority of the first floor of the Met. We saw Egyptian art, the Temple of Dendur and some American art classics before my RA had to go to the cafeteria in order to satisfy his hunger. We also saw that the Temple of Dendur was where Will Smith shot a short scene in ‘I am Legend’. (The movie was actually on the night after my trip there, and I saw the scene!) After chatting while he ate, we saw some interesting modern art. I’ll say that the modern art section was my favorite, but the rest was as equally fascinating. I really liked how fresh and new modern art looked compared to the detailed ancient art sections I walked through beforehand. Then, in order to exit the museum, we had to walk through the Greek and Roman art section and it reminded me of my high school Latin classes!

It was quite the experience and I really enjoyed it. I’m already planning a trip back next semester as I missed so much in the museum – you can’t possibly do it all in one day!


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