wouldn’t want it any other way

Honestly, I’ve missed blogging.

So, here I am, after over three months of college in the greatest city in the world. I’m back.

The first month was a jampacked month of exploration and excitement. It was my first time experiencing actual independence. It was scary, confusing, frustrating, exciting, incredible and fun. There were times where I had a huge mess all over my room and I’d be going to bed at 3 in the morning. Those times were when I longed for schedules and neat rooms. I learned so much more about myself. I learned that I am a very social person and I can’t stand being alone for too long. I found out that I can’t be bored for long either. And this is the place to be both social and busy.

September… wow. I remember feeling my heart beat rapidly on September 3rd, the day I moved in into my dorm. It was a chaotic, yet organized day, and it was very emotional for me. My father drove us down on that day and we pulled up to Pace University. Both my nightmare and dream came true. I couldn’t bear leaving my family and I couldn’t wait to be an independent college student in the big city. We moved all my stuff into my new room as we also met my roommate and his mother. After a mandatory security meeting, I met my family down at the South Street Seaport for a farewell dinner. It was bittersweet… I remember walking up to the Pace University Theater entrance and having tears run down my cheeks as I said goodbye to my family. I didn’t want them to leave, but it’s a part of life and it was my time to fly.

So, September brought trips to the South Street Seaport with multiple groups of friends, sleepless nights, walks on the Brooklyn Bridge, pictures, decorating and organizing my room, Convocation with Temple Grandin, New York City’s Fashion Night Out, September 11th at World Trade Center’s Ground Zero, West Side Story in Times Square, seeing a movie shooting, catching a glimpse of Jessica Simpson, getting a picture with the Rockettes, eating at Little Italy’s San Gennaro Festival, and going to Pace University’s Fall Fest. I ended the month of September with a weekend home. It was a great month. I remember spending my first night at Pace out in the city with a group of 10 friends walking and laughing at McDonalds at 2 in the morning. It was amazing. And then I remember being reunited with my family September and we just spent all our time together.

October came and went like a flash. In the first month here, I hung out with so many different friends, I didn’t belong to a certain group of friends. This was the month where I started to hang out with a small group of friends on my floor and it’s been great so far. We started to do things for each other. Like celebrate each other’s birthdays, go shopping, eat, and simply hang out together nightly. October included shopping on Broadway, my first clubbing experience, Battery Park, seeing ‘The Social Network’ captioned, a failed attempt to see the sunrise on the Brooklyn Bridge, starting my new love for 16 Handles, ordering Dominos, a friend of mine – Mel’s – visit, and my computer breaking. That was only halfway into October. I had to head home to get my computer fixed and spend more time with my family! We went on our first corn maze! As for my computer – my dad had to send it to HP. I went back to Pace in time for the 17th floor “Penthouse Party”, Pace University’s Oktoberfest, friends friends’ visits, and catching up with a fellow high school alum!

I’m not done. October also brought Halloweekend! After weeks of being sick, I was finally able to pull through and get better for a jam-packed weekend. The day before Halloween, I woke up early to volunteer for a kids Halloween party in a residential area of Chinatown. It was fun! And then I met a friend of mine and all her friends and celebrated her birthday! We went out to eat, took pictures, and made a last minute decision to go watch ‘Paranormal Activity 2.’ It was the second best way to celebrate Halloween! The best way to celebrate was on Halloween – I went to the Halloween parade in Greenwich Village with the same friend! I came up with my Halloween costume the night before! I was a blue crayon! And the parade was an incredible experience itself. Just pure chaos, I loved it.

November, November, ah it went by faster than October did. The first weekend was when my friend from Rochester came to visit me in the city! It was great having her visit and us catch up! Other things that happened included a walk into Brooklyn Heights, the International Quidditch World Cup, seeing Rihanna in Times Square, then seeing Rihanna on ‘Good Morning America’ and getting on TV. Then, it was off home for a week for Thanksgiving! I spent a great week with family and some friends. I saw my sister perform in my high school’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and saw some fellow high school graduates. I spent quality time with family and my grandmother, went Black Friday shopping with my mother, and had some good food. It was a great time home, I’ll tell you.

Then, I came back to the city. Two days back, I was busy. The first night, I went to the Winter’s Eve celebration in Lincoln Square and Columbus Circle with a Pace friend. There was cheap high end restaraunt food, free samples, holiday decorations and Christmas music. It was beautiful. The next night, I went to the Rockefeller Center tree lighting with another friend and… it was incredible. I saw the television taping, the performers and the tree lighting itself while being in a crowd of half a million people in the greatest city in the world. It was simply amazing. I mean, that’s what I came here for. I came here to be surrounded by millions of people. I came here to experience amazing, almost unreal and memorable experiences. I came here for all this. I can tell all of you that I am so, so happy.


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